At UROGYN Savannah, we have a team of medical assistants and professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of women in an empathic and discrete manner. 



Tiana assists all patient during the check in – check out process. She has been with UROGYN Savannah for over 10 years. Her solid experience in a healthcare environment results in the ability to deal successfully with the demands of a very busy and successful medical practice. Tiana possesses strong communication skills, a calm and pleasant demeanor, and an innate ability to be warm and compassionate. This winning combination ensures that every patient will receive exemplary service and care.



Kathalyn has been involved in women’s health for over 20 years and possesses a vast knowledge of “all things women”. She has worked with Dr. Stubbs for over 10 years and is UROGYN Savannah’s lead urodynamicist. In fact she has done over 3000 (three thousand) urodynamic studies during her career – a feat not many people in the world can claim. She loves working with patients and seeing the self-confidence they gain once their urogynecologic problems have been solved.



Tiffany, who joined UROGYN Savannah in 2013, is our newest member. Prior to UROGYN Savannah Tiffany worked at Memorial Health’s Obstetrical Unit taking care of expectant mothers and newborn babies. Her natural ease with patients, staff and people skills have been a tremendous asset to the practice. Tiffany brings a genuine enthusiasm to all aspects of her work which translates to excellent patient care and compassion.